12th International BMP Conference12th International BMP Conference


Kohei MiyazonoDean of the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 12th International Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) Conference held at Ito Hall in Tokyo, Japan. This is the second International BMP Conference held in Japan since 2004. This Conference has invited outstanding scientists from around the world to present diverse, cutting edge and forward-looking research, directed towards the fundamental roles of BMPs in the physiology and pathophysiology of multiple organ systems: how BMPs mediate their signals to orchestrate complex developmental processes, how aberrations in these signaling pathways lead to various human disease pathologies, and how this knowledge can be applied in the clinic. BMP Tokyo 2018 will provide an opportunity for all participants to learn and discuss together, to renew old and establish new friendships, and to recruit and train young researchers with hopes of future international cooperation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo in October 2018.

Kohei Miyazono

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